Great skin doesn't happen by chance, it happens by appointment...

At Richmond Skin Clinic we offer both traditional and skin-enhancing facials. With our skin-improving treatments we go a step further than the well-known basic facial treatments. We work according to the latest techniques and equipment to reach and treat the deeper skin layers. Are you ready for the next level for your skin and do you want more than a basic facial treatment? Book a Richmond Clinic Facial and experience the possibilities.


What’s in it: Een combinatie van 3 professionele peelings, bindweefselmassage en lichttherapie. Plus een dagelijkse huidverbeteringsroutine, geeft u een GLOW-resultaat in slechts 6 weken.



1 option
From € 395,-
Schrijf je nu in voor ons 6 weeks to GLOW program. What’s in it: Een combinatie van 3  professionele peelings, bindweefselmassage en lichttherapie. Plus een dagelijkse huidverbeteringsroutine, geeft u een GLOW resultaat in slechts 6 weken. Het is mogelijk om slechts één enkele peeling te ondergaan, maar met een kuur van 3 behandelingen kun jeRead more..


5 options
From € 45,-
From traditional to clinical facials with always the same goal: getting your skin in optimal form!


5 options
From € 85,-
You have peels and peels, which is suitable for your skin we are happy to explain to you.


3 options
From € 149,-
Peeling & Microneedling & LED Light: the golden trio for sagging skin!


3 options
From € 45,-
Acne: a problem not only for young people! We are happy to help you get rid of it!


35 options
From € 0,-
Diolaze Laser! Before you know it, you will be rid of excess hair growth.


10 options
From € 0,-
Go for a natural look with (semi-) permanent make-up!


1 option
From € 0,-
Stoor jij je aan ontsierende blauwe of rode vaatje op je benen? Dan is beenvaten laserbehandeling de oplossing voor jou! vanaf januari nieuwe behandeling bij Richmond Skin Clinic Heemstede en Wassenaar Oppervlakkige beenvaten oftewel besenreiser zijn verwijde bloedvaten op de benen. Ze hebben een rode, paarse of blauwe kleur en kunnen zich ophopen tot eenRead more..


20 options
From € 49,-
Injectables, subtle and natural: no one sees it except you!


9 options
From € 10,-
100% hair free with professional wax treatments on all parts of the body.


7 options
From € 7,50
Velvet feet with beautiful fresh nails with our top pedicure and beautiful hands with long lasting CND Shellac

The best treatment your skin can get

We work exclusively with the award-winning cosmetics brand Alpha-H. Renowned for skincare classics such as Liquid Gold ™, these products bring over 25 years of wisdom to refine, improve and reset even the most demanding skin.

We have a passion for the skin

At Richmond Skin Clinic we offer a total package. You can contact us for a traditional facial treatment to injectables, from waxing to laser hair removal, from henna brows to permanent make-up. It is therefore very important to know what the options are within the skin condition, budget and wishes.

During your first visit to Richmond Skin Clinic, we will prepare a personal treatment advice for you on the basis of a free and no-obligation intake interview.

During this intake we will discuss:

Your skin problem and / or skin wishes
Recommended treatment method
Expected number of treatments
Duration of the journey
Cost of treatment
Expected end result

We have a team of skin therapists, skin specialists and cosmetic doctor who see it as a challenge to make your skin glow and give you the best possible advice every time to get the best results.