Liquid Laser Prescriptive Facials

Meet our most advanced and active peel procedures till now. This salon-exclusive 50% CHA (Combination Hydroxy Acid) peel is formulated to a pH of 2.85, providing incredible rejuvenating and hydrating results like never before.

Prescribed on an individual basis and only executed after a professional skinanalysis from a certified skintherapist or skinspecialist. Gain long-term firming and refining benefits from a course of six peels over 12 weeks.

Liquid Laser Prescriptive Facials
Treatments Time Price
30 min € 85,-
45 min € 100,-
50 min € 149,-
50 min € 150,-
60 min € 185,-
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Liquid Laser Prescriptive Facials are only performed in combination with the home-recommended products of the Alpha-H Liquid Laser line. This in order to actually realize goals set in advance!

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4 options
From € -
Reduce wrinkles, fine lines, large pores, surgical and burn scars, assists in healing acne scarring as well as rejuvenating and tightening the skin.

Skin fitness treatment

3 options
From € -
A young, tight and wrinkle-free skin has a good quality of connective tissue.

Removal of red vessels and pigmentation spots

7 options
From € 50,-
Vascular abnormalities can disfigure the face and décolleté. With the Elvii VP laser reduces or disappears couperose, blisters and a spider naevi in its entirety.

Brow bar exclusive

6 options
From € 17,50
Our most in-demand beauty service will help shape, refine and care for beautiful brows!